Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from our customers about lighting

  1. Q: Are regular bulbs still available?
    A: Yes, but they are being phased out. 
  2. Q: Why are LEDs so expensive?
    A: Led bulbs last up to 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb, they also consume less electricity and run much cooler. 
  3. Q: How long does an LED bulb last?
    A: It varies from each vendor, generally 25k-50k hours. 
  4. Q: How much light does a room need?
    A: It is a basic math solution, first determine the size of the room which is L x W= square foot then multiply by 1.5 and that determines the amount of watts needed in the space. This can be spread out between table lamps wall sconces and ceiling lights. 
  5. Q: What is the average height a chandelier should hang over the dining table?
    A: On average a chandelier should hang 30″ to 36″ above the table top. (Of course this is subject to style and size of the   chandelier) 
  6. Q: If I have a junction box set in a concrete ceiling but it isn’t centered over the table like I wanted. What can I do to center the chandelier?
    A: This occurs often in the planning of condo building, everyone tends to have a different furniture plans. In most cases many choose to use track lighting or low voltage rail systems to get the power to travel to the location needed. There are a few chandeliers on the market that have what we call “floating canopies” that will create a modern day swag lamp effect but selections are very limited and mostly of modern design.