LBU History

First store opened in 1987

The first Light Bulbs Unlimited store in Florida opened in Fort Lauderdale in 1987 and immediately became a bright point on the South Florida landscape. Many of the first visitors were motivated more by curiosity than need, and most were amused by the concept that anyone could make a living by just selling light bulbs. It did not take long however for people to appreciate what a valuable resource the store was to the community and just how seriously the staff at LBU took their logo “if we ain’t got it we’ll get it!”

Over the years we have remained responsive to our customers’ needs and this has led to Light Bulbs Unlimited becoming more involved in the lighting fixture business. Our showrooms house an eclectic collection of modern and contemporary lighting fixtures and fans, elegantly displayed on custom-built ceiling clouds and wall panels. We have retained our unique identity as the “light bulb” store by installing library ladders for access to a prominent floor-to-ceiling wall of binned light bulbs. And we will still do whatever it takes to find the light bulb you need!

Today the Light Bulbs Unlimited Lighting Showroom Group consists of nine established locations across South Florida, Orlando, Naples and the Treasure Coast. We gratefully acknowledge that our steady growth would not have been possible without the ongoing support of our loyal customer base in Florida and it is for this reason that we are committed to maintaining and improving the level of customer service throughout our organization. Our sales staff members are enrolled in our training program “LBU University” and attend lighting shows and seminars to ensure that they stay on the cutting edge of new lighting technologies. We actively promote energy efficient and Green products and we are proud to be the first to offer the new TRIO LED track light made by MSI SSL.

Founder Ron Fabian.

The hottest trend in light bulbs continues in the opening of its second store. Until recently, choices were extremely limited. One company that has met with phenomenal success in carving a niche in light bulbs, evidenced by the growing number  of shops being opened in the United States, is Light Bulbs Unlimited located at 1938 N.E. 163rd Street, the Houston based  national franchiser whose positioning line is “If We Ain’t Got It, We’ll Get It”.

Each new Light Bulbs Unlimited location is selected on the basis of extensive market research and demographic analysis. “We’ve been studying the North Miami Beach market carefully and our results show that there is a definite demand for a consistently  high quality light bulb outlet” said Ron Fabian, President of Light Bulbs Unlimited, South Florida.

Let’s find out a little about this unusual business… With the recent introduction of many new light sources, such as metal halide, tungsten halogen, low voltage lamps, neon’s and the development of long-life and energy saving products, the industry’s ability to cope with public demand has been severely strained and largely inadequate. Large manufacturers like G.E., Sylvania and Westinghouse spend millions promoting their name, products and image. They sell their bulbs in huge quantities to bulk buyers in the wholesale industry, but out of the thousands of different types of bulbs they produce, only a fraction are available at the retail level. “The Houston headquarters has such large buying power it can pass savings to its franchisees, who in turn pass savings on to its customers”, noted Mr. Fabian. Never before has a comprehensive range of basic and specialized light sources been marketed professionally to the public…

Now there is Light Bulbs Unlimited! No longer will you have to search the length and breadth of Dade and Broward for a hard to replace bulb, just drop on by… The North Miami Beach shop marks the first Dade location and the second Light Bulbs Unlimited Florida location.