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WIFI-Emitting Lightbulb

Now there's a bright idea! Chinese scientists invent world's first wifi-emitting lightbulb. A group of scientists in China have invented the world's first lightbulb that emits its own wifi signal. Researchers at Fudan University in Shanghai, have developed a prototype for the new technology, which they have aptly named Li-Fi.  Experts claim the micro-chipped LED bulb works…
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Shuster Design

Some Q&A with one of the top interior designers in South Florida Louis Shuster of Shuster Design. Shuster Design Associates collaborates with the client, architect and developer to reflect a harmonious blend. Shuster Design Associates’ installations are recognized on countless covers of the country’s most respected periodicals. Led by world-class designer, Louis Shuster, the firm has…
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Light can make some people sneeze

Did you know that Light can make some people sneeze? Between 18% and 35% of the human population is estimated to be affected by a so-called "photic sneeze reflex," a heritable condition that results in sneezing when the person is exposed to bright light. The exact cause of the reflex is poorly understood, but people have…
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Longest running bulb!

There is a light bulb in Livermore California that has been burning since 1901. The Shelby Electric Company made the bulb. It was hand blown and then outfitted with a carbon filament. It has about 4 watts of light. The fire department claims that the bulb is at least 108 years old and has only been…
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