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The Bulb Wars

Old Technology Verses New


Secrets of good lighting


Lighting design... and how it happens.


Why CFLs?

Switching from traditional light bulbs (called incandescent) to CFLs is an effective, simple change everyone in America can make right now. See what Energy Star has to say...

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Lighting News

All news in the lighting industry is here for your resource. From the latest on LEDs to bulb war still being waged in the US senate. You will find all current news and events here.

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Tips & Terms

Are you lost? Do you get confused when you hear people talk about lighting? Use us for a resource. Find out everything you wanted to know and get tips for shopping, installing or just general knowledge on lighting, fans and electronics here.

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 Did you know?

Fun facts that you probably never knew or think about. Find out about the history, current events and the future of everything in the lighting industry!

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